Freedom Transportation is proud to serve the handicapped, disabled, and senior community. Our Shuttles are equipped with ADA Medical Grade lifts for easy transport if you’re in a wheelchair or just need extra help. 99% of taxi cabs do not offer handicapped accessible vehicles. The ones that do are completely unreliable. We’ve heard so many horror stories of people getting left at the doctors office, or not being picked up at all.

In Atlanta it takes months sometimes to get an appointment with a doctor or specialist. You can’t afford to miss that appointment. Or maybe you just want to get out to see family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. We provide the reliable service that’s been missing in the Non Emergency Medical Transportation services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marta mobility in Atlanta does provide basic service for non essential errands. But it will take you hours to get to your destination (because of all the stops along the way) and you can’t schedule them for same day service. It’s also not a private service. Sometimes you just want to get to your destination quickly and enjoy your privacy. Freedom Transportation provides this for a FLAT FEE including Round-Trip services. We also have no problem going from county to county along Marta Mobility services. So Dekalb county to Gwinnett county is no problem. Decatur to Norcross is a breeze.

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